Here’s what our clients say about us:

I wish to extend my sincere thanks for the implant you completed on me today.You and your staff did an excellent job. As you are aware I already had a number of implants.

Again thanks for job well done.

                                                                                                                                       F.M July 31, 2012

Dr. Karapetian successfully restored a missing tooth by placing a dental
implant. The implant surgery itself was trouble free, quick and painless.
The implant looks and feels like my natural tooth! I am extremely happy
with the results. My Thanks to Dr. Karapetian for all his help!

Judy Aitken
Arroyo Grande California

I’ve been going to Friendly Smiles Dental for the last four years, the
Doctors & staff are all friendly and informative. I no longer dread my
dental appointments but now actually enjoy going . All my family from my 9
year old daughter to my 70 year old grandmother are all patients here!
Marie Salas
Santa Maria California
Patient Since October 2006

I’ve been a patient of my son Hamlet for many years and he’d advised me
that a bridge that I had for many years would most likely fail in the near future. When the time finally came to remove the bridge he extracted the teeth and replaced them with dental implants. The procedure went well and the implants feel like my natural teeth. I love my son and the work he’s done.

Valerik Karapetian(MOM)
Glendale California

Me gusta Friendly Smiles Dental porque todo el personal es amable y los
Doctores son muy profesionales. Yo me siento como en casa cada vez que
bengo. Aqui le perdi el miedo alos dentistas.

I like Friendly Smiles because all the staff is courtious and the Doctors
are professional. I feel at home everytime I come here. This is where I
lost my fear of the dentist!

Elena Martinez
Santa Maria California
Patient Since August 2008

As a dental patient I have high anxiety, so I was extremely nervous when I
was told that I needed a root canal and crown. I needed time to think if I
was going to go through with the treatment. Everytime I called the front desk
was extremely patient with me and answered all my questions. When I
did decide to have the work done the Doctors were considerate and gentle
and the work looks beautiful. Overall the experience was great and I
highly recommend Friendly Smiles Dental. My thanks to Dr. Karapetian and
staff for making me feel as comfortable as possible while I was in the dental
Santa Maria California
Patient Since December 2006

A couple of years ago I had an unfortunate accident and I lost a front
tooth. As a young guy I was devastated I was afraid that I would be
without a tooth for the rest of my life. But I was fortunate enough to
find Friendly Smiles Dental who took me in immediately and reassured me
that I still had options to replace the tooth. After going over all my
options, the Doctor and I decided that it would be in my best interest to
have a bridge replace the missing tooth. The best part in my opinion is
that on the same day I walked out of the office with a temporary bridge
until my permanent bridge was ready. This was GREAT for me because I
wouldn’t have to walk around with a missing tooth! Thanks to Friendly
Smiles I can smile again with confidence.

Santa Maria California
Patient Since May,2008

As a Child my son had a bad dental experience so it was really difficult
to get him in for dental appointments. I was referred to Friendly Smiles
Dental by a friend who said they were gentle and understanding to their
patients. When I took him in for his appointment we were told that he
needed a root canal. When my son heard this he was terrified not only
because of his past experience but also because of the horror stories that
his friends had told him. It took some convincing to get him in for the
treatment but when he did Dr. Karapetian re-assured him that everything
would turn out positive and explained everything from beginning to end.
After all the treatment was complete my son was shocked that he did not
feel a thing! He is now less afraid to go to his dental appointments now.
I would recommend my friends and family to Dr. Karapetian for all their
dental needs.
Santa Maria California
January 2010

Just a little thank you for all my wonderful check-ups love seeing you guys every 6months and i know you are there if i need you in between.
Happy in Santa Maria California
Patient since 2006

Thank You Friendly Smiles for getting me in so quickly for my wisdom teeth, the pain was like nothing i had ever experienced in my life the staff took my x-rays and Dr. Karapetian took all 4 of my wisdom teeth out gave me pain medication and by the next day i felt so much better.
Thank You again Dr. Karapetian
Arroyo Grande California
April 2010

This was one of the best dental experiences by far! Hands down! I recently
had 2 fillings as well as a root canal (2 hour procedure). I honestly can
say that this was an extremely painless procedure thanks to Dr. Karapetian
and his assistant. They make sure you do not feel one bit of discomfort at
all! I even took several quick naps while Dr. Karapetian was performing a
root canal. You can quote me on that too! That’s how painless the
procedure went. The staff is really friendly and helpful as well. From
past experiences at other dental offices, the staff at Dr.Karapetian’s
office is extremely helpful, patient and friendly. Appointments are easily
scheduled and they are open late too! They spoil patients with movies
they can watch while getting a check up or performing a root canal such as
mine. I’ve recommended Dr. Karapetian to all my friends and family
including my boss. Now I’m recommending him to you. Give them a call or
visit. It’ll be the best dental experience you won’t forget.
J. Morales
Santa Maria California
April 2010

Implant retained dentures have provided a life changing experience for me.
My teeth were in such poor condition that it prevented me from enjoying
the food that I loved eating, to not having the confidence to laugh, talk
or smile in public. After meeting with Dr. Karapetian and discussing
several options I elected to have implant retained dentures. The procedure
went well thanks to Dr. Karapetian and his staff being
informative,supportive and caring throughout the procedure. I can now eat
the foods that I want and after 50 years I can now chew a stick of gum!
Anyone needing dentures should give serious consideration to implants for
the freedom they provide. Dr. Karapetian took the time to answer all my
questions, is always professional and stays on the cutting edge of
Scottie Andrews
Las Vegas Nevada
Ptient Since 03/05/2008

Great front office staff…great back office staff and friendly Doctor!! Very happy with the service overall!!
Santa Maria Ca.93454

I am not a very easily pleased person, especially when it comes to my
mouth. I have seen a number of dentists, and they all wanted to crown all
my teeth or sell me something I didn’t need. Then I met Dr. Karapetian. He
was different. He listened to me, and only recommended what I really
needed. His work was the best. I am very happy to recommend him.”

E. Watson
September 2010

I have several reasons that I highly recommend Friendly Smiles dental:
• Very friendly environment.
• All dental work is done to a high standard.
• Always have same day appointment when you need to get in for an emergency.
• Relaxed atmosphere.
• Excellent hygiene.
• Nothing is too much time or trouble.
• Have recommended the practice to various friends and family in the past
and they have all been very happy with outcome.
• This is the best practice in Santa Maria.
D. Jones
July 2010

I am very pleased with my new appearance and I seem to be smiling a lot
more.The whole experience from start to finish was very pleasant; may I
say I have never in my life enjoyed going to the dentist so much. You and
your staff went out of your way to be gentle kind and positive. I have
had many comments from friends, family and total strangers and all have
been positive and complementary. I would recommend your services without
Tiffany Sciba
December 2010

Me siento contenta en el servicio que el Doctor esta dando a mi hijo, es
muy excelente.
G. Mendez
November 2010

I don’t think I can adequately express how much I am enjoying my new smile. Hindsight shows me I waited way too long to get this done. You really are a friendly group of people. I’ll be a poster child for friendly smiles any time. Thank You– Thank You!!
Patsy Fisher
January 2011

The doctors and staff at Friendly Smiles Dental are great, friendly and
efficient. I feel very comfortable and happy bringing my children here. My
children love it because there is a T.V. in every room with a list of
movies they can choose from. They allow me to sit in the room with my
children which I love, where most places make you wait out in the waiting
room. Thank you for giving my children a pleasant experience and helping
me feel at ease when my children were in the chair.
Customer Since January 2011
Arroyo Grande California

My front teeth have always been crooked and yellow. I’d gone to several
dentists and the treatment they had for me was outrageously priced. I was
referred over to Friendly Smiles Dental by a friend and I am so thankful
that she did! I saw Dr. Barrera and he was awesome! The staff was so
friendly and when I was told about my treatment Tina explained everything
to me in detail, to top it all off the pricing was very reasonable and
competitive compared to the treatment pricing from the other offices. Dr.
Barrera fixed my teeth and they came out FABULOUS! Thank you, Dr. Barrera
and staff for all your hard work.

Patient Since February 2011
Santa Maria Ca.